The urge you feel deep inside of you to Expand, be Bold, and play BIG… is NOT a dream.

It’s actually the Divine, Calling you to step forward and LIVE into Your Greatness to become the highest, fullest, creative expression of who you really are – and that includes creating a soul-satisfying life and highly profitable business!

There has never been a better time to claim your sovereignty and launch the vision you wish to see in the world… all while creating  amazing value for those you are called to serve with your gifts and experiencing the lifestyle and financial freedom you deeply desire.


For over a decade, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to the Spiritual and Financial Liberation of women! In fact, I coach emerging leaders from around the globe how to:

  • Master their inner game of abundance
  • Transform and heal their relationship with money
  • Embody their soul brand essence, mission, and message
  • Design, market, and fill highly transformational signature programs 
  • Attract ideal, committed clients at premium fees 
  • Experience consistent 5-Figure months and create sustainable 6-Figure and multi 6-figure+ businesses
  • Run their business in the new-paradigm of feminine ease, grace, love, abundance, and joy


As the Queen of Sacred Wealth Activation,
I Would LOVE to LEAD You To RESULTS Like These.

My Brilliance is Awakening the Divine Potential in Heart-centered, Service-Based Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Teachers, and Holistic Practitioners To REIGN In Feminine Power, Leadership, and Wealth Creation With Empowered Grace, Courageous Confidence, and Delicious Ease!


Why they hire me…


NiycPositive Psychologist Created $35k in 35 days, Traveled the World, and Built a 6-Figure Business in 90 Days!

Before coaching with Tara I had already spent thousands on group coaching programmes to learn how to market online using sales funnels. I had left the UK to travel to Australia, write my first book, and launch my first online programme. When I launched this group programme I had only one sale, despite all of the time, effort and money I had invested. I was on the other side of the world with no income, and a programme that wasn’t selling. I was disillusioned and in a total state of fear – I knew I needed to do something different, but I didn’t know what.

With Tara’s advice, guidance and support I have learned that it is easy to make a six figure income without needing to use a complicated sales funnel. I have learned the importance of being myself and building my identity by standing in my own brilliance, and I have learned how to communicate more effectively to my existing community, to generate revenue.

I created a new high end business model and 1:1 programme and implemented the steps to launch this within my existing community, which has been a huge success. I have updated my website copy and implemented new email templates too. I secured my first client within 3 days, generated $35k in 35 days, and built a 6-figure business in less than 3 months.

I intend to carry on growing my business, travelling the world, and have set a goal to help a million women change their lives using positive psychology, by the year 2020. With Tara’s support and guidance, I know this is more than possible. I am so grateful for Tara for showing up in my life exactly when I asked for guidance – I know these things are more than coincidence, and I am grateful for her showing me the way. I’m also grateful that I made the decision to do whatever it took to make sure I stepped up to invest in coaching with Tara. I made it happen, and look at the results! Thank you Tara!

Niyc Pidgeon,  Australia, Positive Psychologist , Hay House Author, Global Success Coach,

melissamayer-021-petite-crop80K Soul Aligned Income & Leadership Breakthrough With 500K Revenue Plan!

“Before working with Tara, I was already at 6 figure with multiple streams of income. My biggest challenge was to find the most soul-aligned path to grow my business and increase my revenues. Although I had leveraged my time with group offers and created a passive income channel, something didn’t feel right and I was still not experiencing the level of freedom I wanted. I was spending a lot of time working on launches and marketing, and it didn’t feel good anymore.

Working with Tara made me realize that there are many ways to create freedom in a business. Most of us are taught to reproduce very early on the business model of a 7 figure business, with low-end group offers as the solution to expand our revenues. I shifted my revenue model, I’m now making more money more easily, and I feel much happier with how I’m spending my time.

I now have a new brand message that is completely unique to me and represents all the different aspects of the work I do with my clients. I have a high-end program that I love to deliver and the format gives better results to my clients. I have new processes in place to enroll my clients that are exciting for me, my team and my clients, and make me really proud of my business and the experience I offer. I also completely changed my marketing approach in a way is much easier and natural, and my community keeps telling me how much they love it.

I created 80K in sales and the majority of the income was NOT on a payment plan! I increased my fees and the high-end experience I now offer to my clients is blowing their mind. They are talking about it around them and it brings more engagement from potential clients. But I would say that the biggest result for me is that my business is now aligned with my Soul and that makes a big difference in terms of energy, focus and inspiration.

I’m excited to implement with ease and grace the next steps of my 500K revenue plan. What I learned from Tara in terms of leadership, money mindset, service delivery and strategies will not only impact positively my business and my life, but my clients too.

I’m feeling grateful for the level of support Tara provides, for her creativity and her dedication to her client’s success. I’ve worked with many coaches before and with no doubt, Tara is a MASTERFUL leadership and business coach. She has a lot to give and to teach that you won’t learn anywhere else, and that will move your business forward much faster than you can imagine!”

Melissa Mayer, Canada, Leadership Mentor to French Canadian Women Entrepreneurs,


From Yoga Teacher to Premium Energy Healer and 16K in Divine Compensation!

“Before coaching with Tara, I was working all hours of the day teaching yoga, and offering healing sessions that were powerful, but I did not know what to offer after my client was finished with their session. Working with Tara, I have created a signature program for my clients which also transitions them into not just healing themselves, but healing others.

{With Tara’s guidance, strategy, and coaching I created a new brand and offering}, Medicine Woman School of the Healing Arts Retreat and Program, which includes a 5-step sacred system that connects women to ancient rituals and healing practices for themselves and others, as well as a 6-week coaching program to help the women integrate their healing and gifts.

I received many applications of women wanting to work with me and filled an intimate intensive retreat. The results of the Medicine Woman School Retreat have been astounding. All six women powerfully showed up and all of their expectations were more than met.Not only do I know that I am fulfilling my life’s purpose, but I am also receiving Divine Compensation for it {for a total of 16K}.

Before I worked with Tara, I knew I was destined for more freedom and ease but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t seem to get there on my own. I am grateful for this experience and mentorship with Tara. I now have the freedom and flexibility to have more choices in my life. I also feel grateful for the confidence I have and my work’s value. Thank you! I am so very grateful for this GIGANTIC shift!”

Sara Walzer, Washington, Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, Private Practice

ashley2Boutique Expert Created 17K in Less Than 30 Days and 110K in Just 6 Months!

“Before working with Tara, my biggest challenge was understanding how to best serve coaching clients and how to monetize the large community of boutique owners I’d built. I was broke, running myself silly and trying to serve everyone for free, while not serving myself or my family at all.

I learned that the most powerful way I can serve my community and clients is to offer them high touch coaching and services. I don’t have to have low fee’s to book clients, but I have to know, share and charge my worth in order to help them achieve the best results.

Since I’ve been working with Tara, I implemented a 10 week Boutique Boot Camp program for my community and created more clarity with my brand and vision. I received 60 applications to work with me, and created over $17,000 in 30 days! Most importantly, I found my clear vision and peace of mind.

I’m so grateful for Tara, her vision, knowledge and her ability to be tough when I need to hear it. She has a true gift for understanding people and how to drive growth and change in their personal lives and businesses.

Investing in mentorship was something that once intimidated me. I lived in a scarcity mindset and my husband thought I was crazy for investing. One month later, he’s one of Tara’s many fans having seen how this experience has changed the direction of my business, my outlook on life and our family’s future!

  • Ashley continued to work with me after this testimonial and reported her annual income goal of 100K was accomplished in just 6 months with a total of 110K 

Ashley Andrews- Alderson, Wisconsin, Boutique Expert,

NatalieSocial Media Expert Created 17K in 2 Weeks AND Sustainable 6-Figure Business in LESS than a Year!

My biggest challenge was being a complete workaholic, over-delivering, and undercharging. I knew there had to be a better way so I invested in myself and hired Tara as my coach and mentor after following her on social media and seeing the results she helped create for her clients.

Since coaching with her, I have learned how to properly qualify ideal clients and enroll them in high end programs with ease. Tara’s system for this is golden and has been a game changer in my business in a short amount of time.

I’ve created $17,000 in new business in 2 weeks using these strategies. It’s mind blowing.

This new way of business has opened up so many possibilities for me. It’s much easier to see my dreams and desires come to life now that I have more time and income to accommodate that. My relationship with my family is more rich and I’m actually enjoying myself by taking 1 and 2 days off a week and making more money at the same time! Now, I’m not living to work but instead working to LIVE!

I am feeling like a brand new woman to be honest. MY sense of my worth is like never before. I am confident and unshakable in knowing the value I offer clients and the results they can have by working with me. Knowing this allows me to charge my worth unapologetically and that feels great.

RESULT:  Natalie went from working long hours and under-charging her services to creating 17K in 2 weeks and a sustainable 6-Figure leadership brand and business in LESS than a year while having more time with her family.

Natalie Gouche, Los Angeles, CA, Social Media Expert and Trainer,

2Get It Done Gals Created 21K in 35 days AND 122K Year!  

“Before working with Tara we were struggling with under-earning and discounting our services even though we have 20 years of combined marketing experience.

In our time coaching with Tara, we now have a clear brand message we can feel proud of that reaches our target audience, confidence in our new premium packages attracting ideal, committed clients and cash in the bank from our new step-by-step client enrollment system that created an income breakthrough that brought us from an average of $400 a month to 21K in 35 days.” – Nicole & Lindsey

Lindsey: “Tara pushes me out of my comfort zone, and through that I am able to live in the world of possibility each and every day. I am now conscious of how I show up in the world and feel confident in my skin and in the skin of our business because of the coaching and mentoring you have provided.”

RESULT: Nicole and Lindsey are marketing coaches who went from struggling to charge their value to transforming their money story, working with clients they love, and enjoying a sustainable 6-figure business; celebrating a 122K Year!

Nicole Lombardo & Lindsey Morando, San Diego, CA, Marketing Coaches, Mktco-op.Com

7Created First 12K Month in Less than 30 Days and Celebrating a 157K Year!

“Before meeting Tara, I was overworked and made just enough money to keep me from having a job. I was alienating friends and family because I was a slave to making my business work. As soon as I connected to Tara over the phone, I knew she was the right mentor for me and I committed to investing in myself and business.

Through coaching and expert advice she immediately identified the solution to correct the mistakes I was making, gave me a new strategy for success and within 48 hours I implemented exactly what she had taught me and I made more money in one day than I had ever made all month and within 30 days I was able to create my first $12,000 month!!! That is 4x more that I was making before, EVER! She was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”

Tara gave me what feels like the bible to my new high-income business model. She gave me step by step guidance to help me reclaim my time and has set me up to make 6-Figures with grace and ease. No more running around like a mad woman! Now I can enjoy time with my family, build RICH relationships and change the world at the same time!!

I thank God for bringing her to me, I thank him for giving her a heart full of compassion for her clients without judgment. I was able to tell Tara the most intimate and private details of my life that I know are safe with her. She was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and I cant wait to see all the beautiful things the future holds for us together!”

RESULT: Danielle is an online branding strategist who went from burnout and struggling to creating 15K and 20k record breaking months with ideal clients and is enjoying a 6-figure lifestyle business of 157K in less than year with more time with her family and friends.

Danielle Murrell, Charlotte, North Carolina, Online Branding Strategis,

574K in One Month with More Ease and Joy!

“Before coaching with Tara I struggled making myself a priority by giving away so much of my time, energy and money to others to the point it was often at the sacrifice of myself. During my coaching with you, I was able to let go of my fear of being judged by others and guilt around having wealth. I traded guilt for gratitude and healed my family’s legacy with money.

You uncovered so many things in me, created new levels of awareness and belief breakthrough in such a short time that were a lifetime of limiting beliefs. I now have the mindset to wear my coat of prosperity well without apology and it will be brilliant for the world to see. I’m confident my business will soar to new levels because I am empowered in my relationship with myself, transformed in my relationship with money, and committed to showing up as an authentic and abundant leader for myself and others.

This has been the most rewarding experience of my life and if we never had another conversation, my life has changed forever. I look forward to a full year of working with you and seeing what my personal growth and income will look like 6 months to a Year from now.”

RESULT: Sharon is letting of everything that no longer serves her highest good. She has created 74K in ONE month with more ease and joy, hired an assistant to delegate more responsibilities to free up her time, and is mastering the art of allowing more abundance in her life.

Sharon Mills, Jacksonville, FL, Luxury Real Estate Expert,



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