Tara Travis is a Master Certified Coach, Feminine Leadership & Wealth Mentor to Women Worldwide.

She has been certified, trained, and licensed in multiple modalities of spiritual psychology, wealth psychology, positive psychology, archetype and shadow work, and has studied with world leaders in the areas of spiritual and personal growth, transformational coaching, feminine leadership and business.

Tara helps women awaken and activate their feminine power, leadership, and wealth creation gifts by becoming successful, thriving feminine leaders. Her intuitive and spiritual gifts, business acumen, and soulful leadership mentoring has helped women around the world make fabulous income (6-Figures and Beyond) doing meaningful, deeply transformational work in the world with ideal, committed clients at premium fees without self-sacrifice or working like a slave girl!

Tara is the recipient of three awards including Coach of the Year (2009), Female Entrepreneur of the Year (2014) and Mentor of the Year (2016). As a Master coach, speaker, and facilitator, her life’s work has touched the lives of thousands of women throughout the world for over a decade.

Tara enthusiastically leads a successful, global coaching company and above all, she takes a powerful stand for the spiritual and financial liberation of women. Her work is dedicated to creating a world where women embrace their divine birthright of abundance as the Queens they are born to be.

When Tara is not transforming lives, you can find her enjoying salsa dancing, wine tastings, dinner parties, dating, yoga, boating, and stand up paddle boarding on her lake in Florida.

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